Take a step outdoors and instantly feel refreshed by the scent of nature, the beautiful sights and peaceful sounds. Being outdoors is beneficial to the mind and body for several reasons. At Meadows Assisted Living & Care Campus, the mental health and safety of everyone was well sought. Meadows’ architects carefully constructed an outdoor courtyard secluded within the center of the building; Beautifully bricked, lovely landscape, nature chirping and waterfalls. Do you feel the stress relief already?

The courtyard, secluded within the building of Meadows, is a great way for residents to access outdoors safely. The outdoor exposure will help improve resident’s mental health and reduce physical stress on the body. When stress is reduced, so is anxiety and depression. Depression is also said to be reduced through Vitamin D. Sun exposure while outside will provide plenty of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient to protect health. “Vitamin D can help regulate the immune system, ward off sickness and disease and if you’re taking medication that lowers immune system defenses it can help you from getting sick as often,” says nutritionist, Karen Langston.

The healthful benefits of nature are clearly important which is why Meadows chose to focus on the courtyard. Meadows’ mission is to restore resident’s health- the courtyard is one example of how Meadows will go above and beyond to provide just that.

Visit Meadows Assisted Living today and take a glimpse of the outdoor courtyard. See why you or a loved one will be making the right choice by joining the Meadows family.


*Meadows is located at 71 N. Avenue, Mount Clemens, Michigan. Near Clinton Township, Chesterfield, Saint Clair Shores, Sterling Heights and Shelby Township.