We are scheduled to open Fall 2018! Meadows Assisted Living and Care Campus will provide exceptional services, including:

Assisted living- Many older or injured adults value their independence though still need assistance with some daily activities. Meadows will provide assistance with bathing, dressing, medication and nutrition. All are welcomed to enjoy a private suite or a double-bed suite with a companion.

Memory Care– Individuals suffering from any form of Dementia, including Alzheimer’s, begin to experience memory loss that interferes with ones daily life. We will focus solely on the individual and provide a compassionate & safe environment that emphasizes a plan to help maintain your loved ones Dementia.

Skilled Nursing-An experienced nurse will be available 24-7 to administer medications, provide nutritional diet plans & guide adults with medical questions.

Adult Day Services-Meadows focuses on preserving health. Allow us to monitor your loved one on a daily basis when you’re away. We will provide companionship, activities, meals and assistance to adults who join our safe day care service program.

Contact us today for your reservation!(586) 461-2882