Meadows Assisted Living and Care Campus understands the importance of financial planning, especially when considering a life changing option; moving. Financial options are available and below Meadows provides some choices that may be favorable for you or a loved one.


Do Your Research                  

When planning a move to an Assisted Living it is important to weigh one’s options. Meadows Assisted Living provides many different levels of care. Individuals inquiring about Meadows will benefit from the many options available to assist with affordability. Some choices include:


  • Private & semi-private suites: Semi-private suites are an effective way to receive spectacular care while benefiting from lesser cost.
  • Type of care: Everyone requires different levels of care. Contact Meadows for an evaluation to understand what type of care you or a loved one needs.
  • Adult Day Care: For some, the option of placing yourself or a loved one in an Assisted Living may not be a convenient option to your budget. Meadows also offers a unique day care service. Drop your loved one off and Meadows will take care of the rest until it is time for pick-up.



Veteran Benefits

If you are a veteran or a surviving spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for a monthly pension benefit to help purchase long-term care. You can visit the VA web site: WWW.USAWARVET.ORG or call  (800) 850-5504

  • Meadows is a vendor of the MI Choice Waiver program – To apply, call the Area Agency on Aging IB at this phone # (800) 852-7795 or MORC at (866) 563-7413


Selling your home

Many individuals ready for an Assisted Living sell their home to fund their new choice of living. If assistance is needed during this process, there are options available to help.

  • Work with an agent to help sell your home. This will help assure you receive the most value for your property.
  • Many new Quick Buy programs are available. They will help minimize the length of time your home is on the market, faster buyer approval and more.